2008 Saratoga Environmental Expo

Last year's event coincided with a mass demonstration for Step It Up 2007! and featured guest celebrities Daryl Hannah and ecomaniac Ed Begley, Jr. More details are sure to come soon, so check the website.

The purpose of the Saratoga Environmental Expo ("SEE") is to showcase businesses that manufacture, sell, install, and promote alternative, renewable energy with a focus on environmentally-friendly energy generation, efficiency, conservation, green building design and construction, and pollution prevention and recycling. The SEE embraces and spotlights organics: food, clothing, and green consumables with an emphasis on organic farming and methodology. It is the specific intent of the Expo to make green products more accessible to consumers and educate the public on the benefits of "going green."
We strongly encourage exhibitors and lecturers to recognize all age groups in their presentations.

Event title:
2008 Saratoga Environmental Expo
2008-04-25 13:30 (Calendar)
2008-04-27 16:00


522 Broadway Saratoga Springs City Center
Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866
United States
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