Big Sur Powerdown Transition

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Linda Parker Group Leader 02-11-09

Big Sur Powerdown has been taking a forced break due to the wild fires that came through our small community in June of 2008. Our group thought it best to focus on their own lives. Our grange hall which has been our place for meeting is shut down till the winter is over due to a debris flow that went through and got into the basement. It has been deemed unsafe for any meetings until the rainy season is over. So, we have not been meeting. We have had a few personal dinners to keep in touch with our members and have had many discussions about where our group is headed. We seem to be leaning towards the idea of a transition community. We have had several meetings with a local land owner about the possibility of leasing some of his land to start an orchard and a possible garden. It seems like the focus is food and shelter these days. I joined Transition California as to create the conversation needed to explore the Transition Big Sur. We are open to any new and inspiring ideas that anyone in this network has to offer.