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I have recently become a member of the Flathead Outpost and would like information on others living off the grid and using ecobuilding techniques in the valley. My partner and I have struggeled to create our partially sustainable home with little guidance from others in the community. We have learned alot and would love to share what we have learned with others and continue to learn ourselves. Lets all work together, jen

Beyond Oil II CDs

Beyond Oil II Event in Oakland, Ca. with Joanna Macy and Richard Heinberg for Sale--CD set of 2 CD's for sale!!

Joanna Macy and Richard Heinberg, who have great respect and admiration for each other, are are an unusual and great combination of speakers who bring different angles to the issues of the enormous challenges of dealing with the "peak oil" and climate change and other issues facing us today. They both travel the world giving talks and workshops on these issues and we are so fortunate to have had them speak together in Oakland on June 14. Their talks and conversation from this Beyond Oil II event are informative, thought provoking, enjoyable and a great way to educate yourselves and your friends and relatives about these crucial issues.

Valley Action Center


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Official Peak Oil Announcement

Wow. Official Peak Oil Announcement June 14th, 2005, Flag Day no less! On that date OPEC announced that they were pumping at full capacity and could do no more. When the group of major oil producing countries says they cannot pump any faster, that is Peak Oil. Period.

I have been reading about this problem for over 6 months now. 6 books, hours at various websites, paying close attention to any petroleum related news stories, watching the actions of the current administration.

Still a believer in Peak Oil. It may well be a civilization destroying issue. No where to hide from this one.

Resource Catalogs

One of the first steps we should be taking to PROMOTE relocalization, is to IDENTIFY it.

Towards that end, should we not be creating Local Resource catalogs that identify where people can purchase local products?

As we begin this work, should we not have some CRITERIA that define what makes a business "relocalized"?

There will be degrees of independence, depending upon that tradecraft, but I would think we would want to grade businesses, much like we would Restaurants, with a Four Star rating, for example.

I would like to hear from others willing to begin these discussions, and ultimately this WORK, to encourage localization ion our communities.

"The Noosa News" prints 2 Peak Oil letters

In the first half of June 2005, "The Noosa News" printed two letters on the subject of Peak Oil. One from me, and one from Michel Stasse who lives in the Noosa area. Michel also co-ordinates a Yahoo group on the issue, you can check it out here:-

"The Toowoomba Bulletin" publishes Peak Oil letter

My hubby took a phone call from "The Toowoomba Bulletin" last week (week beginning Monday 13th June 2005), seems they're going to publish this (I trimmed it down to 200 words, as they requested):-

I’m a mum, and the future’s scary. Heard of "Peak Oil"? Geologist Dr. M. King Hubbert coined it around 1950. He said USA oil production would "peak" in 1970, and it did. Output climaxed that year, declining ever since. He predicted global “peak� around now. He died, but other oil geologists support him. One, Colin Campbell, addressed the British Parliament. For every four barrels consumed, only one’s found - plus it’s poorer (more refining needed), and harder to reach.

Alternatives to Consuming Oil

Fossil fuel Oil consumption has been a concern for the last 50 years of the 20th century. Prior to that, many private researchers supposedly came up with alternative solutions, to the worlds energy problems but were met with sabotage and finacial castration of funds. This greed has now led the world to the delemia we have today and put man onto the path of self destruction. Money has been the driving force behind suppressing alternate technologies. The little man who attempts to find a solution at home in his garage is often met with frustration, lack information and funding, plus numerous legal restraints, as well as, a possible threat on his life if he discovers something new and different to help humanity. Whether this hinderence is simply human greed or something more sinister ( such as a spiritual force effecting the human consciousness )is hard to prove - but it certainly has done its job in stopping humanity from improving its lot in life.

Copy of Richard Heinberg's ASPO Paper from Lisbon

A copy of the paper "Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management" which Robert L. Hirsch talked about at the 6/14/05 meeting in Oakland is available on the following web page
as well as the other papers from that conference.

I have also tried to "attach" a copy to this entry, but I am not sure if or how that actually works.

Mac Lingo

"The Weipa Bulletin" prints Peak Oil letter

Weipa is in Far North Queensland, and "The Weipa Bulletin" will be printing a "letter to the editor" about Peak Oil in their edition of the week beginning Monday 6th June 2005. Peter Miller of "The Bulletin" seems to be particularly up on the subject, as the paper also published an in-depth article on May 6th 2005 (along with a brilliant cartoon). Here's their email address:-

Townsville, "The Magnetic Times" prints Peak Oil letter

June 6th 2005, Check it out:-

ABC "Stateline" (Qld), on Peak Oil

Seems the ABC in Queensland ("Stateline"), has a piece "in the can" about Peak Oil.
It features Queensland State politician Andrew McNamara (Hervey Bay), who gave a key speech about the problem (in State Parliament, Feb 2005).

"Stateline" normally goes to air at 7.30pm every Friday evening.

Update - spoke to "Stateline" on Thursday 9th June 2005, the Peak Oil story WON'T be going on on Friday 10th June, they said it would be going to air in "the next couple of weeks." I'll keep you posted.

Well, last night (Friday 17th June 2005), I had to work a 3pm/11pm shift at the hospital - so I don't know if they aired the segment last night. I'll have to find out next week . . .

Chinese proverb

If we do not change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we're going!

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