Common lands


That message is a Digger perspective from the tail-end of the Middle Ages --
during the English Revolution.

I'm posting this because of the message about local autonomy (which some prefer to describe as "relocalization"). As a message about local community food, I think this statement is timely.

I don't mean to celebrate gruelling peasant field labour, and I certainly don't mean to reinforce assumptions about a supposed need to try to return to pre-industrial ways of life in order to reject modern industrial agriculture -- among other modern societal conditions. Even without fossil fuels, I'm sure that we can do better.

As for the rest of the approach of Winstanley and the Diggers, I'm not going to take a position on them right here and now.


A related YouTube video about scythes -

The video is titled "The End of Cheap Oil and The Rise of the Scythe" --
which seems to convey a vision of pre-industrial living conditions.


Toban Black
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