Constitutional Convention

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Anita Laurin, Central Ohio Relocalization Network, 01/11/09

There is now an effort to get the Ohio State Legislature to pass a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). The last Constitutional Convention was in 1787. We must contact the Ohio legislators and urge them to oppose this action.

This website has more information about Ohio:
You can also sign up on the web site to help oppose this action.

It is possible that special interests have misled state legislators from 32 states already to vote for a Con Con. For folks who don't live in Ohio, you can check this link to see if your state is listed: A Con Con will be forced when 2/3 of the states call for one. Only two more states are required. As the last Constitutional Convention was in 1787, we need to understand the ramifications of such an action.

* The Constitution does not permit any restrictions on the subject matter a Con Con considers.

* The Constitution does not guarantee states may choose any delegates to a Con Con.

* The Constitution does not guarantee any state will be represented at a Con Con.

* To paraphrase Chief Justice Warren Burger's admonition, NOBODY TELLS A CON CON WHAT TO DO!

This professionally done video series was made by an Idaho state legislator to educate state legislators on this topic. It is excellant and does a good job explaining a) how special interests tend to "spin" the information to state legislators and mislead them and b) it spells out the many possible "unintended" consequences of such an action.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

When you look at what Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur has been trying to communicate regarding our sovereignty and the North American Union, you can't help but believe this is a very bad time to be entertaining this legislation.

Lou Dobbs of CNN even revealed that discussion has started regarding
a North American Supreme Court and a North American legal system.

And thru the Freedom of Information Act, it has been discovered that the American taxpayer is expected to pay for infrastructure programs in Mexico under the Security and Prosperity Plan (North American Union).

Would a Constitutional Convention produce a new North American constitution at the expense of our current one? That is exactly what the EU is trying to do in Europe.

Please help stop the promotion of a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention. There are many possibilites of unintended consequences, like the loss of our Constitutional Republic and our Bill of Rights. We have already lost too many rights that we must work to regain via the passage of the Patriot Act. Rep Huffman has announced his intention to reintroduce a Con Con resolution in Ohio. Please consider sending him an email requesting that he does not sponsor or vote for any such legislation. Here is his email address:

For those who don't live in Ohio and whose state has already passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention, please see if you can get your state legislator to sponsor a resolution in your state rescinding the Con Con legislation. And for those who live in states that have not passed a resolution calling for a Con Con, please stay alert.

A Laurin