Fossil fuel industries

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“So its heads I win, tails you lose”
"The oil companies are beginning to look like the banks." ...

Andy Rowell at the Oil Change blog -
Despite the Crunch, Shell Makes $86 Million a Day

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Ft. Chip Residents, Activists Protest Oilsands Intrusion (November, 2008)

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Activists Detained For Taking Ash Spill Photographs (December, 2008)

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Groups Denouce ExxonMobil in the Philippines (January)

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Coal is NOT the Answer

Andy Rowell at the Oil Change blog -
“I Will Point Out Hypocricy” (November, 2008)
Chevron greenwashing

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The Heartland Institute touts a long list of global warming "experts" (November, 2008)

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After the oil boom: Images of an oil bust