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  • madison's picture
    Posted by madison, 6 February 2009
    Hi there! I'm looking to relocate to Eugene from McMinnville this summer. I am a heirloom OP gardener, crafter, doula, locavore, quiet environmental... (read more)
  • wlewis's picture
    Posted by wlewis, 20 January 2009
    Permaculture/gardening enthusuast would like to find a large back yard in Eugene to build a 16'-20' diameter yurt. Garden space also desired. Will rent your... (read more)
  • renieb's picture
    Posted by renieb, 5 January 2009 (2 comments)
    I am returning to Eugene, after being in the Seattle area for 16 years. I graduated for the Interior Architecture program, School of Architecture, at... (read more)
  • denise4peace's picture
    Posted by denise4peace, 15 November 2008
    Hi, All. I'm posting this for Linda Trujillo, who is fleeing Santa Barbara, CA, to come here and slip into the sustainability stream before Peak Oil... (read more)

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