The Building Blocks: Local Groups

What are Local Groups?

Local groups work within their communities and in cooperation with local government and other community-based organizations, to put the concept of Relocalization into practice. They work on projects such as cooperative transport and food networks, local renewable energy production, community assessment inventories and municipal action plans.

Local groups are in fact experiments themselves; they can be an existing group that wants to take on peak energy response as a new program area or a completely new group. The key is action - we recommend that groups get started quickly with small projects, try things out and share what works. Local groups develop knowledge, infrastructure, and working relationships that will be valuable in the post-carbon world. Projects focus on making immediate improvements to your community such as urban farming, car share, and local money. Groups also organize events such as conferences and End of Suburbia screenings to raise the awareness of oil peak and decline and build a local movement in their community.

Click here for an an interesting discussion about community and getting started, courtesy of Washington County Peak Oil.