Tampa Bay Post Carbon Council (Florida)

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Welcome to group and to next meetingSun Sep 11 2005, 8:47am0
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Suburbs: Not Necessarily Death Trapstifraser
tifraser's picture
Mon Nov 24 2008, 2:52pm0
The End of Apathytifraser
tifraser's picture
Tue Nov 18 2008, 10:33am0
Good morning, Tom!luke melton
luke melton's picture
Mon Aug 7 2006, 4:38am0
Peak Oil Presentation to National Engineering FirmMightyZum
MightyZum's picture
Tue Aug 1 2006, 5:24am0
Peak OilStephen Jepson
Stephen Jepson's picture
Thu Mar 23 2006, 2:01pm0
Peak oil on NPRStephen Jepson
Stephen Jepson's picture
Thu Nov 10 2005, 12:22pm1
Trip to Los Angeles and Santa MariaRobert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt's picture
Sun Aug 28 2005, 2:05pm1
Official Peak Oil AnnouncementRobert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt's picture
Thu Jun 23 2005, 7:04am4

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