Building Friendly Neighborhood Self-Reliance Continues

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Sundog, Post Carbon Eugene, 12/29/08

Friendly-Area Neighbor's Newsletter, Jan. 2009

Building Friendly Neighborhood Self-Reliance Continues
by Doug Black
FAN neighbor &
Post Carbon Eugene coordinator

2008 was a very good year for Friendly Neighbors building community self-reliance("Relocalization") for the post-carbon years ahead. For starters, FAN is a part of the 9-month-old city Neighborhood Leaders Council Sustainability Sub-Committee actively planning booth activities for the big, first-in-the-country Jan. 23-25 Fourth annual Green Home Show( ). Please join us! Get involved! 485-6846. In August, FAN had the largest of 4 city neighborhood green home bike tours. To top it all off, FAN resident Robin Onaclea started FAN's Friendly Neighborhood Farmers website; a participatory, interactive website (see her story in this edition). A website so attractive, at least a half dozen of it's members are from other neighborhoods, wanting in! Robin has been joined by many FAN bike tour participants, and others, as members.

We are starting planning on the next green home bike tour for Friendly Neighborhood, in 2009. Join us. Please visit, use, and join in the ongoing online news and events on 'relocalization'/community self-reliance by visiting Post Carbon Eugene, at .

There is still no better time to plan ahead for an uncertain future with the long-term economy. In case you were wondering if we were back to a long-term 'normal' with comfortable, affordable oil supply, you must understand reality. In the recent words on energy uncertainty by internationally-respected Richard Heinberg "The oil price has collapsed thanks to a short-term surge in production combined with a medium-term (for now) financial crisis and a longer-term economic recession, with Wall Street speculation having helped make matters worse." We all have much to do to prepare with. Join us and your neighbors, and bring your life close to home! :-)