audio of 'Act Locally, Think Globally: How Nature's Trust Can Seed Relocalization and Pollinate Planetary Patriotism'

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Mary Wood, University of Oregon Knight Law School Professor of Law, 12/10/08

I have posted an audio recording of my 12/10/08 presentation to my website. The link and abstract are below. Please send to others who may be interested.

[notes taken by a member of the audience, Samantha Chirillo, are attached at the bottom...]

Mary Christina Wood
Philip H. Knight Professor of Law
University of Oregon

Act Locally, Think Globally:
How Nature's Trust Can Seed Relocalization and Pollinate Planetary Patriotism

New circumstances clear an opening for new visions. An Obama administration
creates opportunity for a fundamental paradigm shift in environmental law. The
unfolding economic collapse creates conditions for local natural capitalism as an
alternative to globalized industrial capitalism. Professor Wood will cast these
developments as opportunities to grow a new local-to-global movement
organized around Nature’s Trust principles. Nature's Trust describes
government's fundamental obligation to protect natural resources as an
endowment for present and future generations of citizens. Nature’s Trust
demands natural asset protection from government officials and requires
businesses to fuel economic prosperity using Earth's renewable interest, not its
capital. A Nature's Trust reorientation through all levels of government will
secure the natural infrastructure and ecological wealth needed for local
sustainability and adaptation to climate change and peak oil. By "thinking locally
and acting globally," citizens can re-engineer the scale of their food and energy
sources to the local level, yet export their innovations to the global level through
21st century social pollination venues. Uniting with neighbors to protect Nature’s
Trust, citizens can join an urgent global climate defense effort and ignite
planetary patriotism across the Earth.

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