National Animal Identification System, Privacy, and Propaganda

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Anita Laurin, Central Ohio Relocalization Effort, Jan. 20, 2009

There is a program running more or less under the radar of Congress, state legislators, and the general public. It is called the National Animal Identification System (NAID) involving the microchipping of animals. The program is a direct assault against local small meat, egg, and milk producers. We need to be aware of this program and act on this information. Please watch this short 8 minute video as it explains what is going on. We don't need any more local businesses destroyed particularly those that remain in our local food system. I believe this NAIS could impact folks raising their own poultry as well. Here is more information about this program including actions we can take to stop it:

Arron Russo exposed the plan that Nicholas Rockefeller revealed to him about microchipping people in his film America: from Freedom to Fascism. Please watch it and share it with others. In fact they have already started planting microchips in pets and some humans, even though they have found a link between embeded microchips and cancer. Dr. Robert Benezra, the head of the Cancer Biology Genetics Program at Sloan-Kettering Hospital, said, "There's no way in the world, having read this information, that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin."

Monitoring the American public has been going on for a very long time but it is getting more pervasive. Just yesterday I was at the grocery store and a customer who was paying for his food by check was hasseled by a store employee. His Giant Eagle ID (supposedly distributed for food/fuel discounts) did not match the name on his check and the cash register has been programmed to identify that fact. The store clerks are no longer allowed to view the driver's license as indentity verification for paying by check, but a Giant Eagle ID is required.

I also noticed that my Discovery credit card statement is now organized in categories, they are Merchandise/retail, Restaurants, Gasoline, Services, Supermarkets, Medical Services, Home Improvement, and Department Stores. I have no idea (or ability to control) who Discovery will share this new categorized information with. So my response was to pay the bill and cut up the credit card. And for those who rent films from Netflex, have you noticed they use their computer profiling to come up with "personalized" recommendations? I rarely rent any of their recommendations though, proving a computer is not capable of thinking like a human being. Us humans are constantly expanding with each new piece of information we get, each new person we meet, and each new experience we have. We also have wisdom and there is no computer program written that can duplicate human wisdom.

Other ways of tracking and manipulating the American population, our ideals and beliefs is through polls, surveys, focus groups and the group concensus process. The fabulous BBC documentary The Century of Self (short synopsis) explains some of the many ways this has been done over the past century. (Documentary itself). It exposes how information is gathered from or about the public and used to create propaganda or sales campaigns. And the same propagandist in the The Century of Self, Ed Bernays (Freud's nephew), was hired to paint a good public image for the global elite's primary U.S. organization, The Council on Foreign Relations. Clinton, Obama and many others in the U.S. government are members. Freud's Tavistock Institute was developed to further observe and manipulate human behavior throughout the U.S. as well. After watching The Century of Self, I have not answered any surveys, polls, and wouldn't even consider participating in a focus group.

While all of this tracking and monitoring of the public will likely only get more intrusive, it is not in our best interest to participate. The best response is to keep as much personal information as we can out of public hands and certainly not agree to a National ID or any form of microchipping as Russo's film explains. If you listen to Judge Napolitano's explanation of the Patriot Act, he reminds us all that if we give up freedom for security, we loose both. Also if we make more of an effort to behave in unpredictable ways it will make it more difficult for propaganda campaigns to be effective. This shouldn't be too difficult, as we are all unique parts of an amazing universe and as such surprise ourselves and each other on a daily basis.

It is very important that people (we are not mere consumers, we are not sheep and we are not human resources) understand and accept that the mainstream media (particularly the television) is a propaganda machine and is used as a mind control tool to 1) distract us from what is really going on 2) spread disinformation 3) convince us products, policies, or programs that are essentially bad for us (even for our health) are good for us and 4) convince us that greed, corruption, war and violence represent normal human behaviors - they do not as the beautiful 2005 film Joyeux Noel depicts. However, greed, corruption, war and violence do represent the abnormal behavior of the profiteering Money Masters and has for a very long time.

And one of the more enjoyable and rewarding ways to spend the spare time we can gain when we turn off the propaganda machine in our home, could easily be starting a garden and growing food. Try using Coke or Pepsi as a pesticide. Indian farmers found out they work great. It also allows us more control over the food we eat and gives us an additional hedge against inflation. There are great ideas about doing this at the MidWest Permaculture website. And if your living arrangement doesn't have gardening options, you can contact the Franklin Park Conservatory and get information about participating in the Community Garden Program in Central Ohio.

A Laurin

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