BBC Poll on Issues Requiring Greater Coverage

Pete Clifton, editor of the BBC News website, has requested input into what stories require greater attention

Please vote at BBC News CLICK HERE

Which story do you want to see more coverage of?
1. Human stories from Iraq
2. Climate change
3. The peak in oil production
4. UN General Assembly
5. Primate research
6. Africa
7. EU constitution
8. G8 summit
9. Nuclear power debate
10. Marburg virus

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Peak oil is the winner

Here are the results so far: Human stories from Iraq 7.38% Climate change 15.39% The peak in oil production 35.83% UN General Assembly 3.11% Primate research 2.30% Africa 5.87% EU constitution 9.12% G8 summit 4.87% Nuclear power debate 11.99% Marburg virus 4.13% 5297 Votes Cast