Hi from Frances

Now that CBC is back, I have had the opportunity to hear quite a few items on the radio about peak oil.

It is interesting that the general population is getting the feeling that they need to use less oil and gasoline - but do they really know why?

The three facts that are not being presented in a straight forward way by the government, big business and the media are:

1) Demand for oil is exceeding the supply.

2) Approximately half the oil in the world has
been used up.

3) Since the time that oil was first discovered and
used, the population of the world has grown
from two billion to six billion.

What do you think of CBC Radio's coverage of peak oil?


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Publicity on local CBC radio station.

It was great to hear the CBC interview with Barry Silverthorn, the producer of "end of suburbia" this evening. Several more people came out to see the DVD this evening at the library in Sydney as a result of this publicity. Gilbert.