Urban livestock -- Raising squab for fun and food first and then profit

Is anyone interested in raising doves and pigeons in their backyards? I had intended to go to a farm to learn about raising chickens, but I thought that there may be difficulties raising chickens in a city setting (those nasty laws. My motivation is first to learn small animal husbandry and secondly to eat them.

I don't own a backyard, so if there is anyone interested please give me a message.

My plan is:
1) Learn how to build a dovecote or dove coop and then build one.
2) Raise an inital popluation of mating pairs.
3) Raise doves for squab meat.
4) Learn how to dress them.
4.5) Make good dishes out of them.
5) I know a network of people who would be willing buyers for squab, so we can get some cost recovery.
6) Make additional small income by breeding and selling mating pairs, consulting on the raising and the building of dove coops.
7) Setup and nuture a local network and industry of urban squab farmers and profiting from the growth of such an industry.

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squab, urban honey, foraging and roadkill

Ed - Hope you find a place for your dovecote/coop.

Your idea reminded me of Food Share's beekeeping and honey cooperative in Toronto:


and of someone in the UK who forages and occasionally collects roadkill for a living:

Ecologist article: http://paulkingsnorth.net/fergus.html

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This was intended for the Oakville, Ontario , Canada people

But please send me a line if your are interested, wherever you are.