Out of Balance: ExxonMobil's Impact on Climate Change

Community Renewable Energy (CoRE) Project is hosting a showing and discussion with Tom Jackson:

"Out of Balance: ExxonMobil's Impact on Climate Change"

Please note that I don't have start/end times yet.

The event will be held at The Sanctuary for Independent Media, in Troy.

The documentary is an expose´ of the oil giant, with a
primary focus on ExxonMobil's funding of PR firms out
of which climate change "skeptics" have worked for
years. The so-called skeptics have fostered confusion
in the public about the human impact on climate, and
dragged out any significant action against climate
change, while EM continues to make record profits.

It goes on to show the ongoing Exxon Valdez case, and
traces the history of what we now know as ExxonMobil
back to the days of Standard Oil. The result is a
clear picture of a company with one clear objective,
letting nothing stand in its way-not even the
destruction of the climate.

Some of the world's leading climate scientists are
heard from, including Robert Watson, and Michael
Oppenheimer. A former Exxon executive, Oystein Dahle,
weighs in on EM's role in responding to climate
change. Government whistleblower Rick Piltz talks
about his experience with Phil Cooney, an oil industry
insider who was given a high-ranking position in the
Bush administration's climate change program. Ross
Gelbspan talks about large-scale, global moves toward
a solution. There are too many other noteworthy people
to list, including many from environmental
organizations such as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and
Exxpose Exxon.

Event title:
Out of Balance: ExxonMobil's Impact on Climate Change
2007-01-05 19:00 (Calendar)
2007-01-05 22:00


3361 6th Avenue
Troy, NY
United States
See map: Google Maps


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