Out of Balance: Exxon Mobil's Impact on Climate Change

Out of Balance: Exxon Mobil's Impact on Climate Change

Wemple Lounge | Kings University College
266 Epworth Ave.


Presented by Cinema Politica London | Centre for Social Concern - Social Justice and Peace Club King's University College.


This is an exposee of the world's largest corporation. A corporation that is still a major funder of climate change denial. This film should be of interest to anyone concerned with the fate of life on Earth.

In Spring 2006, mainstream media announced that the debate about the human impact on climate was over. But the debate among most climate scientists had ended long ago, unbeknownst to most Americans. Out of Balance looks at how ExxonMobil spearheaded the misinformation campaign while making record profits.

Out of Balance also looks at the history of the company, showing a pattern of behavior that goes all the way back to Standard Oil days, through the response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, to their current refusal to take action against climate change.

Out of Balance: ExxonMobil’s Impact on Climate Change A powerful combination of archival footage, personal journey, scientific fact and disturbingly recent propaganda films, Out of Balance shows us the influence that the largest company in the world has on governments, the media and citizens. Along the way, scientists and activists alike suggest ways to combat global warming.

While the Earth’s climate is pushed further out of balance by increasing use of fossil fuels, ExxonMobil continues to assert undue influence around the world - making record profits while ignoring climate science for which there has been overwhelming consensus for over ten years. Out of Balance does not just critique ExxonMobil, it also offers challenging, large-scale ideas for the global social changes that must take place if there’s any chance of leaving a livable planet for future generations.

*Fair trade coffee will be served for this event. Al Cinema Politica London screenings embrace a zero waste SOL food philosophy. SOL: Sustainable, Organic, Local where possible with an emphasis on fair trade.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y6rUj9xyvU

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Out of Balance: Exxon Mobil's Impact on Climate Change
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