Post-Carbon photos

Post-Carbon London (Ontario) Flickr photo

Post-Carbon Photo "pool"


Post-Carbon London now has photo pages on Flickr.

We have a section for more local photos submissions -- from around the London, Ontario, Canada area -
The images at the top of this post are thumbnails of these local photos.
(Here's a slideshow of those photos -

We also have a section of bookmarked photos outside of the London, Ontario area -
(Those photos also can be viewed as a slideshow -

Additional photos will be added to those collections before long.


These images are tangible examples of issues that our group focuses on. 
(So far some issues are covered more than others in the photos; in part, this slanted focus is a result of what other people have and haven't posted to Flickr -- given how the photos on the Post-Carbon London photo pages generally were already posted on Flickr before the Post-Carbon London photo project was actually set up.)

I hope that people will find this photo collection inspiring. 


This photo project is very new, and our group may take a different approach to it in the future.  The photo collections were set up after our last meeting, so our group hasn't had a chance to discuss these Flickr pages in-person.

So far I basically have been selecting the photos. Although I have tried to take into account the other organizers' approaches to Post-Carbon London, my perspective on this group and the issues we focus on is my own personal point of view;
but I'll be trying to draw others into making the photo page editorial and administrative decisions.

Other group discussion about what Post-Carbon London is or could be
also will have a bearing on the photo pages.