Priorities in our streets

On a suburban street in London, Ontario, Canada


Monika Warzecha at the Spacing Toronto blog -
"Think of the children" (November, 2008)
"In the district of Greenwich in London, England, a lot of the speed limit signs in residential areas have pictures beneath them drawn by children." ...

Brad Aaron at Streetsblog -
"Safety in Numbers" (October, 2008)

Brad Aaron at Streetsblog -
"Traffic justice" (October, 2008)

Ben Fried at Streetsblog -
"Study finds cyclists need safer streets" (November, 2008)
That post is a response to a study which was "presented in a way that feeds into the worst stereotypes about cyclists and a blame-the-victim mentality toward traffic injuries and deaths"

A post at -
"Cyclists subsidize motorists"


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