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2006 Relocalization Network Report

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This report provides information about the Relocalization Network for groups and individuals interested in getting involved and starting Relocalization projects in their communities. It includes a brief history of the Relocalization Network, and an overview of the year’s projects and events. The report highlights the projects and milestones of Local Groups in the Relocalization Network. If you have any questions about the material presented here, please contact us.

Promotional Materials

Relocalization Network Postcard

August 2006:
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Fundraising Toolkit

Toolkit July 2006
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Templates July 2006
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Outreach Toolkit
Complete Outreach Toolkit
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Post Carbon Institute Publications

The 2005 Post Carbon Institute Annual Report:
Annual Report 2005

Post Carbon Institute Brochure, April 2008:
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Oil Depletion Protocol

Oil Depletion Protocol Postcard
June 2006:
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Sample Letter to Elected Officials
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