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This section will include resources on the local production and manufacturing of goods, and supporting local businesses and artisans

The issue of production and manufacturing is a complex area as there is some pressure to create alternative energy solutions that allow the level of consumption to continue as it is. This level of production and consumption is not going to be possible in an energy constrained world that is reliant on alternative energy sources. Wind turbines are in their early stages of development even though they have been around for approximately 80 years. There is still research as to whether these might produce enough energy to support the necessary levels of production and manufacturing. So far they have proven to do well at a community levels but have yet to be employed for large industrial manufacturing plants that demand high energy use.

The need for local production and reduced consumption is the key. Communities can start by assessing what was manufactured locally in the past. Whether it was trolley cars (as in Vancouver, Canada), soap, clothes, spectacles, bicycles or other items that people needed and could be crafted locally. Traditional tools and machinery that will support local food production will be necessary if we are to run post carbon farms. Look throughout history at what were our great-grandparents were making before the development of mass production, globalization and the service industry.

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When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival by Matt Stein
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To learn more about community supported manufacturing click here, or to teach others about the concept, download a powerpoint presentation on community supported manufacturing.
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