Relocalization Network Outreach Toolkit

We have finished developing the first version of the Relocalization Network Outreach Toolkit.

You can download the entire Outreach Toolkit or download the individual file below.

The Outreach Toolkit includes:

The Party's Over Booklet
The booklet should be printed in a landscape view and double sided.

Post Carbon Institute Brochure
Please print the brochure as a double sided booklet. It is formatted to print on legal size paper (8 1/2" x 14" / 216mm x 356mm).

Peak Oil Fact Sheet
The Peak Oil Fact Sheet gives a brief overview of the issues surrounding peak oil. It is meant as a information sheet for people who are new to the topic of peak oil.

Flyer Template
We have designed this template so that you can add your Local Group name, URL and/or other contact information to the flyers.

Blank Sign-up Sheet
Feel free to add your Local Group name, URL and/or other contact information to the sign up sheets. The sign-up sheets can be printed double sided to save paper.

The Action Handbook
The Action Handbook outlines project ideas for your Local Group. Several copies can be printed out for use at a table or to take to an event or group meeting.

About the Relocalization Network
This one-pager gives an overview of the Relocalization Network. We have also crated a smaller version of this text for flyering with the Flyer Template that is attached below.

Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty (Executive summary)
The Executive summary gives a good introduction to the principles that the guidebook is based on. Share it at events or with your local planners and officials.

Ecological Footprint Info
This two-pager gives an overview of the Ecological Footprint - courtesy of LA Post Carbon and the Global Living Project.

Have resources that you'd like to share? Please send us an email.

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