Transition Whidbey Newsletter March 21, 2008

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Vicki Robin, March 21, 2008

Transition Whidbey Newsletter

Did you notice Oil went over $110 a barrel this month. When Transition Whidbey began it was at $80. Did you notice that the Federal Reserve lowered the prime lending rate again by ¾% and that the R word - recession - is now being spoken? Have you noticed gas creeping up towards $4 a gallon, and some groceries going up? Did you notice that Transition Whidbey members Pam Mitchell and her CSA garden crew and Kurt Hoelting and his carless year have both been above the fold features in the Record? We are IN the transition, and together we can use the push of necessity and the pull of opportunity to stimulate our rising springtime energies to dream - and do.

We now have a web presence in addition to our community organizing tool of The website is part of the Post Carbon Institute's service of raising awareness, weaving community and sharing strategies that work. So far it's just a landing pad for those who want to be informed without joining the online community.

We want to bring your attention to the Transition Whidbey calendar and relevant local and regional events to our collective efforts.

Global Conversation Week is happening on Whidbey on March 27, 5.45 - 7.30 PM at The Commons behind Island Coffee House in Langley. There is space for 25 people. Conversation topic: "What kind of leadership does the world need now?" The technology of Conversation Café is part of our tool-kit for building a resilient community, and there will be an opportunity to form a team that hosts CCs in the future.

The Lyceum Series at the Front Room in Bayview starts April 1 with a focus on our Puget Sound waters.

The Green Festival in Seattle is April 12-13 at the Convention Center. For our purposes these talks are especially relevant:
3 PM Saturday: Amory Lovins; Profitable Solutions to Oil, Climate and Proliferation
4 PM Saturday: Alisa Gravitz; - The Solar Future: Making It Happen Now
6 PM Saturday: Fueling Our Future; Aaron Kahn, Patrick Mazza, Yochi Zakai
7 PM Saturday: Green Tech at Green Festivals; Kevin Danaher, Lou CasaBianca

1 PM Sunday: Puget Sound Energy; Energy Efficiency Workshop
1 PM Sunday: Building the Green Economy; Shannon Biggs, Kevin Danaher, Jason Mark
2 PM Sunday: Eco-Motion - Electric Vehicles and our Transportation Future; Chelsea Sexton, Steven Lough, Shefali Ranganthan
4 PM Sunday: Richard Heinberg; Peak Everything: Treating Our Collective Hydrocarbon Addiction

We hoped Richard Heinberg, who is a leading global expert in Peak Oil, would come to Whidbey to do a talk but his schedule is too packed. He is "the horses' mouth" and will speak calmly and informatively about why the work of transitioning is so crucial.

You can use CollectiveX calendar to arrange carpools to Seattle for the GreenFest. If you are going to see the Dalai Lama, you'll be able to migrate between his events and the Convention Center for the talks.

April 19 is the Oak Harbor Sustainability Fair. Organize carpools. Don't miss it.


April 20 is Earth Day at Bayview and Transition Whidbey will have an informative and interactive booth. Plus TW Organizing Committee member Vicki Robin will be speaking at noon on "Less, Local and Love: Towards a Rosy Green Future", setting a framework for what transitioning is and where we are headed. Afterwards she'll host a Conversation Café on the Conversation Week question: How do humans need to adapt to survive the changes predicted for this century? WE NEED PHOTOGRAPHERS for one part of the booth. Can you do a shift? The day? It will be a fun activity that may turn into an inspiring film or PowerPoint. Contact to offer your services.

There's far more on the Transition Whidbey calendar. Keep checking it. Keep posting events others would be interested in. Use it to organize carpools.

Are you interested in helping restart the Film and Conversation series we hosted last fall? It can happen if a team of people forms to bring the Cuba "Power of Community" and the "Peak Oil Imposed by Nature" films to community groups and classrooms on the island. The format has been tested and with your help can soon be ready to go. If you are inspired to work on this, please write Many have said they enjoyed and miss the Community Meetings we had in the Fall, and this Film and Conversation group can also consider how those who've seen the first films might continue meeting for networking, further education, project generation and more.

The Organizing Committee continues with our plan to catalyze greater food self-sufficiency on the island. Anyone interested in helping do community interviews, event planning, event logistics, documentation for this outreach and more can contact Of related interest, Northwest Earth Institute has issued a new Study Group guide to be released on Earth Day: Menu for the Future, to look together at daily food choices, food system alternatives, and how we as individuals can contribute to a more sustainable food supply.