Update on The Story of Stuff

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Anita Laurin, Central Ohio Relocalization Network, 01/02/09

The Story of Stuff video by Annie Leonard, seems to have grown into an exciting movement. Hopefully she will get the financial support to keep her web site going so the video will continue to be viewed through out the world.

If you haven't yet seen it, you can see it on her web site:

Attached is the announcement I received from her organization in December. Here is an excerpt:
"As of today, we have logged 4.6 million online views (and many more in living rooms and theaters around the world). The Story of Stuff is being used in elementary schools and post-graqduate economics classes; in churches and synagogues and temples; in arts programs and corporate sustainability trainings. "

It is wonderful to see others appreciate the information and message that The Story of Stuff presents.

A Laurin

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