Victims of global warming

Joseph Romm at the Climate Progress blog -
"The Human Toll of Climate Change — The Map"
(Approximate estimates)

Mitchell Anderson on DeSmogBlog -
"Australia Government Blames Deadly Heat Wave on Climate Change"

Margarita Windisch in Green Left Weekly -
"Climate refugees — the hidden cost of climate change" (December, 2008)

Prime Sarmiento for the Inter Press Service -
"Phillippines: 'Women Take the Brunt of Climate Change'" (October, 2008)

Stacy Feldman at the Solve Climate blog -
"Atlantic Rising: Sea Swallows Ghanaian Village, More to Come" (August, 2008)

Kristin Underwood at the TreeHugger blog -
"On Climate Change, Africa Votes As One Country And One Continent" (November, 2008)
... Figures from "53 African nations met recently to develop the Algiers Declaration, stating that they will vote as one bloc during climate change negotiations"